Thursday, June 11, 2009

the crafting of the new MLE DepEd Order

One Friday morning last week, I was in a cozy rustic bahay kubo in the DepEd compound to help finalize the draft of the DepEd order that seeks to institutionalize MLE in all schools. Facilitating the process was Nap Imperial of NEDA and some feisty DepEd lady execs (including a former DepEd Secretary). It's heartwarming to see their youthful sense of humor and gentle courage having managed to introduce innovations and significant changes in such a gargantuan organization.

We finished the task at around 2:30 pm. It was certainly a serendipitous moment. We were all in a celebratory mood. I do hope and pray that the document will be signed into a DO to complement DO #60 which authorized the use of MLE.

The features of the new MLE DO are the following:
-institutionalization of MLE in all public and private schools from pre-school to high school
-the use of mother tongue as the language of learning and instruction (it evolved from MOI to LOI to LOLI)
-mother tongue as a subject in all levels and LOI in all subjects (including English and Filipino)
-the establishment of an MLE support system (orthography devt, locally developed instructional materials, community participation, teachers training, etc)
-contextualized MLE implementation thru local MLE TWGs
-proper bridging process to introduce additional local/foreign languages. The bridging also involves starting with oral fluency (listening and speaking) and moving towards reading and writing
-Tagalog speaking areas to learn another local language as their L3
-MLE certification process

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

informal learning

below are my recent posts in my homeschooling egroup (i homeschooled my kids for 7 years before integrating them in a regular school in 2000)


I was watching the morning news by a major local TV station when they featured a project of the TV foundation in which they donated an ETV package (TV, DVD player, educational tapes) to a grade school in one remote town in Apayao. In the opening of the segment, there was a scene of a 9 year old boy living near a forest tending some chicken and pigs. He was described as most unfortunate because he entered the school at a very late age (how can he be unfortunate when he did not have to suffer the indignities of going to a school at a very early age?).

At the end of the segment, the punch line was – Now that the children in Apayao have an ETV, they will no longer be educationally deprived, especially in Science. What? Didn’t they see that boy living amidst a rich environment of flora and fauna? And they think that teaching thru a small two dimensional idiot box is the best way to teach Science? What the boy had was far better than learning Science thru the most colorful Science encyclopedia or some video materials. Who knows, the boy might be a real scientist. It is just unfortunate that he’s not able to verbalize what he knows thru a textbook type language which is recognized by our society as the legitimate means to express knowledge.
This morning we wake up with the cold heavy rains and the news about a school suspending its classes due to H1N1 flu infection among one of its students. Aren't you glad you homeschool?

During these cold rainy mornings, your kids can snuggle and sleep a little longer or sit beside the window and enjoy the sight of raindrops, while most of their peers while it still dark (and rainy) are yanked out of their bed, would grudgingly take a shower, get dressed, eat a quick breakfast, put on their raincoat, walk to the corner to wait for the school bus, and endure a long day supposedly learning about the world while walled in in a small dreary cramped room. And these poor kids face a greater risk of getting infected with that dreadful flu.