Thursday, May 7, 2015

Missed opportunities

Why oh why? The other week Congressman Magi Gunigundo said in his keynote speech at Bulacan State University that the Department of Education has spent only 28% of its total allocation...Wow that's 72% unspent budget.   Now it's 33% for UP! Can you imagine the benefits in the lives of students and teachers if only the whole amount was accessed and spent properly?

Laging nagrereklamo sa kakulangan ng kagamitan sa pala iba ang kulang. It’s already given that the disbursement processes are now more stringent. If such was becoming a real formidable bottleneck, then they should have made it into an issue. But they waited for years, keeping things under the rug… and now they have to return the unused funds.

Yes there was the real risk that part of the money would end in the wrong hands. The grafters did not benefit as they did before, but so were the 25 million pupils and 500,000 teachers. Our leaders should be held accountable for such negligence, for their lack of will, courage and resourcefulness to make things happen.

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