Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kadluan? Para Guro?

In addition to Alternative Learning System (RA 9155), we also have "Open High School System" (OHSS) which is recently being institutionalized thru HB 4085. OHSS provides an additional option to our working youth/adults and non-traditional learners to obtain a high school diploma without going to school every day since there are various distance learning mechanisms available.  Learners who failed ALS-A&E test (one time big time test to cover the whole HS)  repeatedly might fare better in  OHSS (tests would only cover one particular year level).

While I rejoice for the extra push for Open HS, I feel ambivalent as I read exotic strange sounding Tagalog labels  that might cause confusion to many , especially in non-Tagalog areas -- "gurong kadluan" "gurong tagapatnubay"  "inang paaralan" and "para guro" (must be equivalent to para teacher but to Filipinos it might be misconstrued as  "parang teacher pero hindi totoong teacher" or illegitimate teacher).

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Though Open HS has been around for a few years now, many including teachers are still confused and can't tell the difference between ALS and OHS…ngayon dadagdagan pa ng anu-anong pampagulong terms.  Sana pati Open HSS ginawa na ring Tagalog but the translation I have in mind sounds indecent  ;-)

We haven't learned from our elders in Diliman who attempted to coin all sort of Tagalog words (salipawpaw, sipnayan etc) that failed to find their way in our everyday discourse.  The best way to do it is implement the program and let local and popular titles emerge from the users. Who knows, instead of Para Guro (which is deficit-oriented by the way), the learners  will call her "Super Teacher" (since one has to be extra capable to teach such a diverse group—OSY/A, CICL, working youth, etc).

Anyway, I hope the final draft would at least include an English translation or eliminate altogether those exotic terms since the OHSS learners are just like normal HS students and they do not need to be marked differently and be further marginalized

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